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With a tool like this, there are bound to be questions and some can be answered below. For the rest, please use the CONTACT form to send them. Who knows, you question may end up here and help answer someone else's question.

What's the difference between individual and organization accounts?

Organizational accounts are for churches or businesses that want to use the inventory for organization-wide purposes. These accounts will be given a link to share with members and can choose to have the results delivered to the organizational contact, the member or both. Additionally, these accounts are financially responsible for all member profiles that can be tracked via a monthly statement. For additional questions, send your question via the CONTACT form.

My spouse and I share one e-mail account but we both want to take the Inventory. Why can't we register with the same e-mail address, and what can I do to fix this?

Each person who registers to take the Inventory must enter a unique e-mail address. If you attempt to register with an e-mail address that is already in the Your Unique Design system (by using your registered spouse's e-mail address, for example), you will not be able to complete registration and will see a message that the e-mail address you've entered is already in use. However, you may create a new e-mail account for free by using a Web-based e-mail application. We recommend Hotmail, GMail and Yahoo!. Once you've created a new e-mail account, come back and register with your new e-mail address.

Is it possible to reset my inventory if I made an error entering my responses?

Yes, we can reset your inventory back to question 1 of Section 1 as long as you have not completed the inventory and processed your report. Fill out the CONTACT form with your name, email address, and your request for a reset. You will be notified when you may log back in, using your same User Name/Password, to begin again.

Do I have to finish the inventory in one session?

No. You can leave and come back as many times as comfortable. The system will track each answer. We do recommend finishing a section once started to help maintain your state of mind.

Why are there so many questions that sound the same?

These question provide a measure of reliability and help us make sure that the results you receive are an accurate portrayal of your personality characteristics. We believe that you will find the results you receive well worth the time it took you to take the inventory.

My profile is different from last time. Why?

Over twenty-five years and 900,000 worldwide profiles tell us that your actual design changes very slowly and very predictably. Several possibilities of why your profile results may vary are: stress when you took the inventory, a spiritual experience that actually produces change, trauma in your life that has produced a change, outside influences such as the environment in which you took the inventory that could have given you a preconceived notion of what is “right” or “wrong” as a response.

Can I change my profile?

No profile is better, smarter, or more gifted than any other. The goal is to be healthy by getting your needs met in the way God made you. Your personality profile will help you by alerting you to what your current needs are so that you can arrange to get your needs met in a healthy productive way.

What personality type is best for fathers? Mothers? Churchmen? Leadership? Etc.?

All have strengths and all have blind spots. Nurturing and comforting and teaching and being a fun parent or person are all-important roles in every family or organization. It is good to understand that all gifts are needed.

What does it mean if I don’t have any floors that have 100%?

It means that your foundation and phase are the same. Both your perception and psychological needs will both come out of the same personality part. This is true of about 33% of the population

What does it mean if I have two or more floors that have 100%?

The first floor that has 100% is your foundation personality part. It will be the personality part that demonstrates your perception and the strengths of your foundation will be strengths that you will always carry with you in a unique way. The other floors that have 100% are called stages. At some point in your life you moved through these personality parts as a phase and experienced the psychological needs of these parts and developed the strengths of these personality parts to some degree. They are floors that you can now easily access, but do not experience the needs as acutely as your current phase or your foundation.

How do I develop the personality parts that I have little of?

When we are getting the needs of our current foundation and phase met, we are able to access the other parts of our personality and utilize the abilities of those parts, but we will always need to recharge our batteries by addressing our foundation and phase needs. Although we can improve our skills at some things, it will not change the way God has made us. Trying to be someone we are not will always bring us frustration and stress. To put yourself in a role that requires you to stay in a personality part that you have little motivation for may not be a good thing for you. Helping you to understand and to value and utilize the gifting that God has given you while being a healthy person is the goal of this instrument.

What does “foundation” mean exactly?

Your “foundation” is a term we use to describe the personality part that determines your perception, or the way you perceive and interact with the world around you. It is the personality part that you depend on most and are usually the most comfortable with.

What does “phase” mean?

Your “phase” is a term we use to describe the personality part in which you are currently experiencing motivation or need. It is a developing part even though you may have been in your current phase for a long time. Your “phase” personality part can be the same as your “foundation” or it may be a different personality part.

Can my “phase” personality part ever change?

It is possible over an extended period of time for you to begin to experience psychological needs or motivations in a different personality part. We would call this a phase change. You may recall a movie about someone who was very un-emotional and information oriented, who was even a loner, but over time began to feel a new need for relationships or romance, or someone who was very private and passive about life, but found some need to support a cause or movement in a way that led them to take a public stance and even crusade. These would be examples of “phasing”. Usually a phase change only occurs over a long period of time, and it usually involves a period of distress.

How long will it take to receive the results after I have completed the inventory?

Our automated system should process your responses and send your results within a few minutes. If you do not receive it that soon, check your spam and junk email folders. If you still cannot find it, please use our CONTACT form and let us know. We strive to get it to you as promptly as possible.